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Solid Group LF Clan *Adena*


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A group of friends are looking for a new clan. The clan we joined TorTure has left the server for another. We are looking for a clan that doesn't force us to use a voip. If you do use one, please be discord at least. We won't download TS or Ventrilo, it's 2018. Everyone main is 25 or over at the moment. None of us have the time or really want to put up the work into running a clan otherwise we would of done so in the first place. 

The people, first class is main :

Zault = 27 DE wizard, 20 Orc raider

Schuhumacher = 29 Elf Knight

Dafasha = 30 Dwarf scavenger, 23 Dwarf crafter

TooBuku = 25 Orc shaman, 25 DE buffer, 22 DE knight

Must = 27 DE wizard

Schuhumacher and Must I am sure have alts as well. But I don't know what at the moment. Time zone of the clan is whatever, we all speak English. Must is Euro, Dafasha doesn't sleep. Most of us are from US, Michigan. Also hoping whoever we join doesn't back down from pvp and doesn't mind a little trash talking. 

If you want to know more about all contact myself in-game, Zault. You are welcome to hit me up with a private message or a reply here.

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