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Can't submit tickets to have characters moved from Talking Island to Gludio


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@Hime Please let me know how to fix this. I have 3 accounts I want to have packs ncoin/vip transferred on. When I logged in and submitted a ticket on each DIFFERENT account, it condensed all of the support tickets onto one NCSoft account which means support is not receiving the correction account information and won't be able to move my characters. I'm pretty meticulous and 100% sure I logged into the accounts correctly when submitting the tickets, I did not mistakenly submit multiple tickets on the same account ( Easy to do just by looking at how much Ncoin was on the account before submitting as all three have differing amounts ). I have one email address receiving email confirmations for all of the support tickets ( IE. I am logged into account #3 and just submitted a ticket, the email address for account #1 just received the support ticket confirmation. On the tickets themselves it says "Silkrunner has submitted this request" which is the username of account #1. I don't even understand how this is possible because I am logged into Silkrun, account #3, at this very moment ( which is also how I'm making this post ).

Request #22320864
Request #22320972
Request #22320807

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