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Hi NC staff..,


I drop here some videos of this guy making duo Elf Summoner everywhere on bot. On video he become alive after i PK hes bot one time. But in twitch stream at 3:45:00 u can see i kill hes bot and nothing happen, to village, ress, any word.

Plis save the spots from this guys. Dont start again the BotAge NCWest was knowledge.


[Content moderated]


C'mom... not BotAge plis!!!!

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the most probable response that you gonna get in this thread from NCWest is that is illegal to post names on forum of people that you think are botting and that you should open ticket for that.

NCWest dont even have an official discord that we could send instantly the people that selling adena and ban them like Innova did in Skelth. This stupid ticketing system for bots is so time consuming that most people are bored to open ticket for this. 

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