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payment problem


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i purchased nc coins but the transaction is not visible in transaction history.
I checked paypal and the payment is on stand by until ncsoft accepts it (??)

I am still waiting for a reply from support.
Can you guide me? 
WITHOUT 5 days delay?

transaction code O201810189920170

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it happend to me the same thing ....i buyed with card but i didnt saved the transaction code ....and now it dosnt apear anywhere and  i cant make another purches couse it givees me a Error. I also write a ticket for Ncsoft and still waithing to be resolved


PS: its more then 24h since i have the problem


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Submitting a ticket to Support was the right measure to take. Please hang in there and wait for them to respond. They answer tickets in the order they are received, so please refrain from updating or "bumping" your ticket as this will set it back to the end of the queue.

Thank you!

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