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Bishop or Elven Elder?


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Hi everyone! I was hoping you could provide some insight into this topic between EE and BP. Which would be best for end game?

I level with a few friends (SEs and mages). With this set up, I think EE would be best for an extra recharger (and, later on, eventually the clarity) but I feel like the bishop is more of my style later on. I realize I'd only really provide Acu 2 / Berserk 1 to this party set-up as BP and not many heals are needed. However, beyond this party set-up, it is a needed class in the game overall, yes?

Any insight is appreciated.



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I can only tell you what I've been told as I asked the same questions, so keep that in mind.

EE and Bsp are both very needed in party at high levels. Bsp is more in demand because less people play the class, but it's the best healer and every party needs one (talking about standard party comps, your case may be different). EE is also very needed due to recharge, clarity and party recall. It's not as good a healer, especially their aoe healing is lacking, but can handle themselves in single target healing (Bsp still being better).

Now with that in mind, for a party full of mages, EE would be a great asset due to clarity and recharge. I'd say it's the best choice if you want to pick based on what your friends play, since there's SE's around to help with the healing (making Bsp not mandatory) and clarity will be a huge deal when you get it.

For random parties you should be fine with either of those I think. And for soloing both suck so it's the same in that sense as well.

Someone more experienced feel free to correct me as needed.

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Bishop's role is to let the group survive. EE's role is to let the group sustain. If you prefer to mostly look at the HP bars and sometimes look at the field, play a Bishop. If you prefer to mostly look at the field and sometimes at the MP and HP bars, play an EE.

Both classes, played alive, hate buffing. Buffs consume precious MP, but what's more important at higher levels, NCsoft, in their infinite wisdom, made the party panel in such a way that the buffs and the debuffs in a party cannot be seen together.

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