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Report button not functioning properly.


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Yesterday we were farming in AC, just a random party and we found out our party member left himself on bot. We kicked him, reported him, failed captcha, he was still assisting, getting stuck around, you know typical bot. Here's some proof.



It looks like an usual bot story, but I found something very interesting today. The same reported guy was creating a party to AC. Like ok, support didn't have enough of time to check him and stuff, so I decided to be an ass and to stalk him while I'm looking for a party myself, decided to push a report button, it's different account lets make some problems for a botter. And what do I see? 

This character has undergone a check for prohibited software usage and was charged with a penalty. You cannot report this character.


NCsoft?? WTF? You cannot report bot twice? Seriously? After report debuff is over bots can farm as much as they want????

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