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You are misreading. I am not talking 1.0 as in game version 1.0, but rather I am talking 1.0 as in what is 1x rate. What would drop rates be if at the default multiplier value of 1. Thing is, no one actually knows what the drop rates are for a multiplier of 1 as I am not sure any server outside of Korea has ever had that rate.

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3 hours ago, Oldgamer said:

i always play a spoiler and my friend play the buffer, now i want to know is the spoil only for vip ?

Cuz if yes he has vip i dont so maybe i sould play the buffer and he get the spoil, plz gms let us know

VIP bonus only applies to Drops only. No Spoil/Adena increases for VIP.

Everyone has the same Spoil/Adena rates, be it VIP or no VIP.

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10 minutes ago, Zevon said:

So they fixed it , just to nerf it again? Can we get a response here pls? Did the adena issue break again?

It didn't revert back to what it was at launch. However, after the restart following last update, rates were randomly nerfed - particularly spoils.

Many people theorize, that the fixed drop tables were simply overwritten by the old ones. However, that cant be the case because some fixes remained.

Its also particularly important to clarify, the initial fix, only touched a small percentage on content. Higher level mobs for example, were not adjusted and their rates are still excessively low.



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