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Mobs with a white name dont get poison of Orc Shaman


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On 20.10.2018 at 3:43 AM, RenatoMitagy said:

I have been in several places and tested in several bixos and the poisons of the orc shaman  dont activing, I have already spent all my mana on a monster and did not activate any poison.

Its pretty simple, dots just working, if the skill lvl isnt lower than the monster lvl by aprox 5 .

So for example, u learn freezing flame lvl 1 on lvl 20. It will work on monsters till 25 (26 is possible, but waste of time, since chance is just too low).

On lvl 30 u will learn freezing flame lvl 2. it will work on mobs till 35.

Ur Character level doesnt matter at all here

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