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Live Servers DEAD, Only Red Libra can save us


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Everyone know Live servers are almost dead, we already have few players and everyday more peaple leave, only one good event, can save this servers, the current event just make things worse and discourage even more the few players we have, this is not the time to try new events that we dont know what will be the effect, its time to do events that everyone like, and RED LIBRA its exactly what we need now, that will keep the current players on server and bring back some that was discouraged with his/hers class, and event helping new players, everyone win and ours live server will survive a little more.

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Live servers are not dead yet, Red Libra will not save anything! 

If somehow @Juji can achieve any P2W balance in this madness now, this will be step 1 .. 

Step 2 will be if somehow Juji gets NCsoft devs to let us change our main classes, OneTime EVENT or smtg like that, same as it was at Goddess of Destruction update, many players will gladly pay for such service. Me personally I am happy with my main - yul and dual - othell,

Also everyone knows most of the players on LIVE play Classic, I said most not all just to be clear, so game is not dead yet :D  

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3 hours ago, mixa said:

Who cares, lol.

I have to agree. LIVE servers are dead everywhere. Koreans have mostly all moved to either Classic or Bloody (think of a high rate illegal server, just without enchant limitations, e.g. +90 R110 everywhere), other regions seem to have roughly 2x Classic servers than LIVE ones, RU is focused on reimplementation of long-obsoleted Arena, etc. etc.

TL;DR time to cash out while you still can (or transfer wealth to classic)

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Redlibra its a answer yes, i would change to iss so others can exp me :D those who need a iss tho.

But for save this server we need go full p2w that its the servers status, what i mean if any items its introduced it need to stay on store !!!!!!!!!!

why ? becuse new commers can get their stuff whenever they want and not just wait each freaking !!  6 months !! this increase competition and fun.

the status of pvp, someone will not just rush into party that are ridicolous overgear because just take one character with everything to win that battle.

And call events for real events not store "promos"

Brooch jewels, elemental shirts, authority circlets, ancient cloak, zodiat agathions, artifacts fragments need to be permanent ! on store. did i miss any ?

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10 hours ago, Argus said:

Step 2 will be if somehow Juji gets NCsoft devs to let us change our main classes, OneTime EVENT or smtg like that, same as it was at Goddess of Destruction update, many players will gladly pay for such service.


Even though after the fishing apocalypse I decided to never purchase NC Coins again (the whole thing was handled in the worst way possible), I'd make an exception and pay for an ability to change my main class (broken wynn) to something which I can actually enjoy playing.

Also, I've never been a big spender, but if the game starts going in a better direction I'll be happy to support it from time to time as a form of my appreciation. I know it does not matter when compared to the amounts some people spend here, but there may be more players like me, so it will add up ;]

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I was an opponent of the merge until recent. But only that at this moment can revive up main version at NCWest. Also launching a new server without brooches will bring new people to them. I know that brooches are the best way to make quick money for a company. But this is the worst thing that was done for a balance and completely ruined the game.

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@LordDragnil, brooches should be obtainable by playing - from the Mammon, it is a feature we don't have here since some people before Juji SET IT FOR US THAT WAY! 

So many improvements can be done, I rly hope Juji will take care of that after they get Classic servers stable.

It is a shame we lack so many game mechanics, ways to improve characters - WITHOUT the L2STORE :(  

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There is only one way to make game viable. Old items should become cheaper, new should stay expensive for people who do not care about spend money. I ask myself, " why you will spend such of money? For competitive with 300 veterans who not left yet?". These 300 spartians will be here to the end. They are just hostages of own spent money. So newcommer, when he understand situation, go to cheap, live and dynamic illegal servers.
I found yesterday LordSpoyl's  video with tanzanit compound. Have to say with current chance, @Argus , you will spend half of your life for grind for 1 lvl 6 stone, if we will have the same price in Mammon's store. 


I do not care if you found the "money" word a lot of times. All of you gamers and developers should understand that overspending do not give any fun.

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6 hours ago, Izanagui said:

The only thing that will save live servers is if they fix adena/spoil rates at actually rates u cant even buy gear. There is no event that can save that u cant fight without a good weap/gear just look this event is  just for the top ones

I agree we need more drops in game, but L2 never was a game where you could get good gear by "just playing". Not now, not while it was P2P. It's a curse and a blessing at the same time. If you would have TOP gear after, lets say, 1 year playing, the game would become boring just as all the other MMORPG games.

The struggle is part of why ppl. play L2 over long time, cos there are always goals left to reach and things left to do, be it lvl or gear.

Biggest problem is that too many and too strong OP items came from (too expensive) "L2Store only" and the gab between players has grown too big. I hope Juji will find a way to close this gab at least a little bit and will refrain from making it worse, I hope we won't soon get Dragon Shirts, Sayha Talisman and whatever else they have prepared already in Korea...

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well in all fairness when L2 Live was still fresh aka back in 2004/2005 it had even more active players then Classic now so when putting things in perspective it's more or less comparable :P

pretty sure Classic will do way worse 15 years from now hehe

btw it's actually more of a miracle this game or NC Soft as a MMO game company is still running for this many years when you think about it and the volatility of the gaming market with all those drama llama millennial's these days


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I can propose for next red libra to add the possibility for someone to change main Class, but you can make it with specific requirements so that both sides (players and NC) can profit, for example: 

  • Only same race changes (so NC store do not lose $ from sales of race change service)
  • make it one time only (add item in in inventory upon using it so that if the same event happens again in the future someone wont be able to reuse it)
  • can be bought only with hero coins (more profit for NC [as to collect e.g 100 hero coins needs quite a spending] and only those who have thought it a lot will procceed)
  • item will be tradeable (just think of how many wont have hero coins to buy that, but want to change class)
  • not available for characters with hero status
  • upon using it can not join oly for the rest of the current month (no rewards from oly for current month=no points)
  • use this item + an amount of adena to be able to use this service (win win for NC as we have seen the last couple of months many ways to extract large amounts of adena from the market like artifacts want ~800kk from shop if i remember correctly)

i havent thought it very much or if there are any conflicts its just a thought i made.

Any suggestions from other players on the topic or any answer from @Juji will be really appreciated.

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