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41 Tyrant - What now?


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@FatChocobo it feels shitty to have 40+/50+ level broken zones, but you should re-look your gameplay because you still would have hit a wall at this level no matter the rates at 40+ zones. Imagine they make normal rates, now you have extra 100/200 adena per mob than you have now. It's 1-2k extra per 10 mobs, 10-20 per 100 mobs, 100-200k per 1k mobs. It doesn't look like it would help you a lot as you imagine. It would, but no so much as you think. I personally am VIP 1, by level 21 i got top no gr weapon, since first day I started playing market game, now i'm 25/25 ( I couldn't play 1 week out of all the days since launch). At the moment I'm not going to level up, I'm doing adena at the town and created my first first spider char for fast 100k extra to buy D weapon for 650k from people so I can feel comfortable farming and not wasting adena on no grade SS (I feel I hit a wall too). While doing spiders, I have 2 other sitting in the city making adena (if taking real life example, doing drop-shipping or w/e) and not experiencing (going to more marketing courses).

I don't deny bleeped up rates, I read your game strategy and I feel you spent very little to no time in the towns just making profits.

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Just easy why you play a wc as support for melee. pick pp or se and its fine. wc sucks to be clear here.

Make a alt character and farm some usefull things or do the spider quest or whatever.

use the wc in aoe party and try to farm some money with him

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