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Raid Difficulty


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1 hour ago, WutWutWut said:

I mean come on? 4-5 parties cant take 21 lvl raid boss? GJ on killin one more social aspect of the game. Now we wait for higher levels and ppl who wont even try to pvp because of the exp loss.

I'm not sure how much the issue is related to the raids HP, and defense, and how much to the weapons and the buff. But if a clan with D grade weapons, and lvl 30-40 buff cannot slay a boss 21, there is a huge problem.

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This happened because of small parties(Adena sellers mostly) camped and killed the bosses on CD for huge profits, now you need an organized clan and allies to kill most of the bosses and that's not bad at all! mass PvP for bosses is a thing now!!

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