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Am I tripping absolute balls or is the spoil rate of mobs turning blue incredibly low? I've been spoiling green mobs for 4 hours and I've only got 30 items. For me the ratio of sweepable mobs is at about 1/25 surely i'm not the only person experiencing this? I was under the impression that this was supposed to have been fixed when in fact it seems to be worse now than before.

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It's probably true I've been getting less spoils and I see a lot of people complaining but what I really dont get and it surprises me no one is talking about are the rates of this server for xp/adena/drop/spoil.

Every single server I've played on its the first thing I see x1 x20 x10000 here its just a bunch of people finding out the rates on their own even when they buffed spoil etc they said u will notice an increase of 50-200% to adena spoil drops not even saying how much it was(0.20x 0.50x ?) before the buff or after f.e by how much was spoil increased 0.10 0.35 0.70?

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