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Dear GMs, 

We see more and more people with multiple accounts. I realise that you can run three account per computer, but the picture we see on spots is far from 3 and with our favorite topic of queue'ing, which is currently 1300, you risk losing many many valuable members. It's not the few with MANY accounts that keep a server running. It is in fact real players. Otherwise you will just re-do what happens on all classric servers. Skelth, dex, classic club. A handful of people playing actively. 


I sugguest that you limit the amount of account that can be run per IP to 1 like it was always meant- One extra account per ViP if it is 3-4 VIP. But you better do something fast.


OR you could simply increase the capacity of the servers. Sometimes must be done to ensure the survivabilitly of the server or you will lose players, hence lose money in the long run. 

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