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This is getting annoying with the adena sellers on the game. and me having to turn off my whispers. due to blocking 400 of them with in 10mins. ok so can we fix this to where I can turn back on whispers? set a level to where you cant talk into level 15 or 20 this way it makes it harder on them. also make it where the names cant be like hahsdses  this will make it even harder having to make a real name or like a new character 24hr no chat so anyone with a new toon cant chat for 24hrs besides the leveling system.

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they don't. into lvl 15 or 20 them 2 levels are really easy to get to. lvl 15 is like just 2 of you're main quest's. level 20 is a bit of a long hall but still it would be worth it. hell in a clan they can chat or if you added someone to friends list. they do this on none classic servers but you cant chat itno like 76 or something like that I forgot. so add someone to you're friends list the can whisper only you or who ever they have on there list. but they cant use another chat. if they are in a clan they can clan chat and pm friends only or in a party. 



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Just disable chat (except party/clan/alliance) until 76 + 3rd class transfer, like in LIVE and issue will be solved.


Just before you trolls reply with hateful comments, I am fully aware that max level is currently 70 and you are not allowed to do the 3rd class transfer in NCw servers.

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