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<Adamantium> Gludio, CP Based, Semi-Hardcore U.S. East


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<Adamantium> is recruiting on the classic Gludio Server.

What are we:

1. Semi-Hardcore Clan looking to do endgame content in L2 classic: Castle Acquisition, PVE, PVP.

2. CP based but all CP's will act as one guild. No CP will have priority over the other.

3. Will create multiple clans to accommodate as we recruit players.

4. We will use Discord for voice with multiple CP channels. Casual Solo channel will be available for when people want to solo or have downtime.

What are we looking for:

1. Players who can play/party between the 20:00pm-02:00am EST time. Entire 6 hours is not required this is just the prime time(window) when most people will be on.

2. Playing every night is not mandatory. We realize people have lives, work, kids etc.. We plan on doing all endgame content but without burning people out. We are asking for every other night, roughly, for playtime (3-4 days a week).

3. Players who are 21+age.

4. Players who are drama free and not easily offended.

First Clan has leveled up and has more spots open. Second clan has started as well. 

 If you can play our times, and you are interested in joining, please feel free to leave me an in game message@

In Game charater: Flint, Discord name: Flint#4763

Also you may just go to clan recruitment, search Adamantium, and join that way as well.

We are recruiting all classes ATM.

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