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Sk, PR or AW?


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I have started again in Gludio server, because better time zone events for me.

I had lvl 20 with my dark elf, im between SK, PR or AW . Thinking about this server will be updated eventually to 2.0/2.1

Wich class can be better for:

* Duo party with PP

*Party PVE

*Party pvp


*Least played


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Duo - PR, but if you don't like the fact that there are just so many bow-resistant mobs, then AW can do.
Party PvE - none are good for AoE parties, SK sounds like the most versatile though (PR has to consider Bow MP use vs debuffing, AW has to consider blows vs debuffing)
Party PvP - if this is single party vs single party, all are quite good. If this is mass PvP, then only PR is viable as it isn't melee. Due to low CON and focus on debuffs/cubics instead of properly strengthening def/shield def, SK was always an easy pick in sieges, even if he has UD active. The same happens in classic. AW is only as good as it can get somewhere, but in mass PvP it will simply end up taking collateral damage from AoEs. And AW is really bad at taking damage.
1 vs 1 - tricky question, I would like to say PR…
Least played - potentially SK due to his sad, sad performance in mass PvP.

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