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Raid Bosses (Aden)


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Hi, i might be wrong about this but i make this thread in order to get knowladge from more experienced players.

I used to play lineage 2 back in the days and we used to do raid bosses with 2 partys MAX. usually with 1 party was ok... but... why in this server the raid bosses have HUGE hp, HUGE atk?
Are they eddited or something? is this intentional? i saw 5 partys hitting the same raid boss yesterday and they couldnt touch his hp... of course all died.

sorry for bad english :)

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Perhaps something more reasonable that can be done with a clan and appropriate levels. 

Say 4 full groups +- at the current state it's a pointless gimmick. 

If the objective was to eliminate RMT'ers to spawn kill them. Mission accomplished i guess. 

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7 hours ago, zzzzzzzz said:

yea. they used to kill EVERY  raid in the game with 1 destro .  no heal no tank.  

u rly want that again ? :D   

now they kill 20 mobs with 3 skills / 30 sec but thats another story .

ah good times when destros with a +10 bow could reach 10k pattack...

or when tyrants will vr dance and vr buff can kill any raid boss without a healer..

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