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Tauti / Top Shadow


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Hi guys!

I have Tauti 2H Axe, thinking to change it to Top Shadow Retributer.

It will be a good boost for my pets?

Shadow have less P.Atk, but it gives +10% PVE wich can be transfered to cats.

Ofc, +12 PVE retri is the best weapon, but atm its too expensive for me. 

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Shadow weapon's pve atk is transfered through Sharing Equipment (can't remember when it was changed). It is by far the most cost-effective weapon especially if u play wynn-heal/feoh. Attribute atk is also neat and essential for pets. U see much difference in dps ~700 attribute.

PVE+12++ 3sa is significantly better but it's almost twice the price.


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9 hours ago, Chrysty said:

But not the PvE/PvP boost damages. Check it, ask Heroes sumonners in game. And you will see.

Anyone can confirm or not what i said ?

Was fixed in Helios:

Fixed the issue with the shadow weapon’s “PvE Damage Increase” effect not transferring to the servitor while using “Sharing Equipment” skill.

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