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More fun without impact on basic stuff in classic


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Is there a chance to add in classic 60-70 lvl locations like valley of saints, forest of death etc. to improve interesting pve/pvp locations ?

These things doesnt change how work classic with his style  and  we can only step forward and create something better and more interesting.


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7 minutes ago, Devoid said:

Both are in the Rune region. As far as I have seen, Rune/Heine is still missing even in 2.6 (Imperial Tomb) currently available in Korea. Most likely Rune will be added in 3.0.

Yes, i dont think that add Rune township or Town of Schuttgart (the first versions ofc) would be dangerous.

2 more castles for sieges, rly nice locations for pve/pvp and 0 impact on the roots.

Npc or quests what can change something in classic gameplay can be disabled and we are safe, in my opinion.

Valley of saints one of the best place for pvp what i remember, and i know that these locations can add something fresh for ppls who play sometimes solo for relax. Not only 24/7 aoe in Abandoned camp ^^

I like to see what ppls think about and the owners of US servers.

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