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Another soldier shot down by p2w mechanics.


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On ‎2‎/‎12‎/‎2018 at 12:45 PM, Hamms said:

It's funny. Id like to outline exactly how to make adena for you but it comes with "take a year," and you probably think that's bad.


It's easier to farm now than ever before in L2, but you all too busy joining lvl 11 clans that don't know what a CP is and getting mad when tauti drops 1 bewr instead of dropping a ring, 2 bewr, 5 or 6 eternal peices, and a host of crafting packs.


If instanced bosses had drops like that, then all their drops would not be valuable because the CPs that know how to actually farm them would still be farming them and there would be 100 tauti rings in the AH from 100m to 1bil and none of the other boss rings would ever sell.


L2store $ - adena ratio would also probably be much lower. $10 for 1bil as opposed to $10 for 100mil. Server would be saturated with drops and none of them would sell because everyone would have their stuff already.


We would get and retain more players but they would still cry pay to win and they would still fall into the bad clan trap and the one character trap.


Idk. I could outline in tireless detail how to make adena, but once you all start doing it... Well i won't be able to make adena anymore, will I?


Come try to join VonKilla clan on Chronos. I often rant about making adena there. Pm me in game and we can make a CP for non cash shop adena farming, but you have to trust me with all the adena and how to spend it and you have to put in work.



I've been playing this game since 2003. I have the infamous MTD (Multiple Toon Disorder). I'm well aware of grinding for adena without spending cash. I have no idea when you started playing L2 but you're wrong about valuable drops. Valuable items were always expensive because they were hard to acquire like always. Everyone were not properly or completely geared because of it. Compared to how it is now, this game was great. I'd make around 2 billion adena per week solo by only playing for 2 hours per day Mon-Fri.I had more free time on Saturdays and Sundays. But If you're willing to school an old-skooler/OG like me, feel free to send mail to Pumky on Chronos so we can converse.

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