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Lady Luck


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Hello guys...

Is it still valid the info that the LUC STAT of the crafter matter (not yours) when i you want to craft something from the crafters that sit in towns?

Because i have a screenshot of mine making successfull craft with the Lady Luck success message. (i even saw, and heard the Cloverleaf  animation)

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With a successful trigger, you have a chance to get 2 items from one crafting set. But I do not know how this works with blessed items. I never had to craft them.

Top secret :) : 
Luck give a chance to avoid damage.
Luck give chance to get pouches from monster. 

That's why I prefer LUC over CHA (pve).

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12 hours ago, Nymphadorae said:

From crafting shops sitting in town it's YOUR luck that counts, and not the dorfie. 

Are you sure about that?

Because when the LUC STAT came out, the comunity asked the same question... Juji even conducted a L2 Lab Test with the opposite result.

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