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Player Appreciation Pack?


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Hi!, so i got this email this week?

Lineage II just launched the latest saga to the franchise and it's packed with new and exciting content for you to explore. Come back now and you will be gifted a care package to help you along your travels. All you need to do is log in and you'll get the following items:

XP Rune III (Lv. 1-100) 200% Pack 30-day
SP Rune 200% Pack 30-day
Drop Rate Rune 200% Pack 30-day
Eva's Rune Pack 30-day
Dual Expertise Rune Pack (R99-grade)30-day
Chaos Essence Pack
Chaos Essence (Dual Class) Pack
Vitality Maintaining Potion 1hr
Ancient Hero's Weapon Pack 15-day
Rare Accessory Pack 30-day
Blessed Paulina's Seraph Heavy Armor Box 30-day
Blessed Paulina's Seraph Light Armor Box 30-day
Blessed Paulina's Seraph Robe Box 30-day

And i logged in and nothing happened, where do i have to retrieve those items? Thanks

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