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Lineage 2 Classic get FREEZE

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Reynald0    0

For some strange reason the game freezes every so often, sometimes very often, sometimes rarely.

I miss this because I have a good enough computer. Image

Has someone else happened to this?

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Reynald0    0


Surely when you are playing, between moments the screen "freezes". I will present my case first:

I installed the client on another hard drive that has my PC (Local Disk E, for example). The game is installed by default in Program Files x86, but I decided that I wanted it on the local disk E, because there I have all the games installed.
I tried many things, even send a ticket to NCSsoft support and nothing worked.

The solution was:
Uninstall the client completely, with everything and updater. I made sure to erase every residual file that remained. Then I downloaded the game installer from the official website.
When installing (this time) I left everything by default.

And now the screen does not freeze anymore.

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