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Am i wasting my time making my main a WC?

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Zalsaria    2

I ask this because it seems like everyone boxes what they want/need and being a melee support I feel like its impossible to find groups, and I REALLY don't have the will to solo for most of 40+ levels, its so boring.

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dorukasama    48

If you don`t have a dedicated gropu, yes my dear, you're wasting your life. Try to get a clan and if you cant get parties that way...just create another main and use ur WC as buffer for yourself

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Cally    20

Yap, unfortunately is Main-Supporter not a very good choice.
Most ppl have already their own buffer/supporter box and prefer that one in party so they don't share drops.

That was also the reason why I changed from Main PP to a box and create a DD to hunt.

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Bountyville    0
Posted (edited)

Well, the answer is - NO, it's not a waste of time. I will explain why.
1) People are making buffers because there are not many active supports/buffers.
2) An active buffer will ALWAYS find a party. Who doesn't want and need help? What are buffs if not help?
3) Warcryer is not a "melee support" lol. At level 40-50 you can hit as well but later on, after lvl 50-60+ WC buffs and can almost stand and watch, because the damage dealers farm with his buffs. You haven't learn the hero, mate. Others play/farm for you, that's how you play a Warcryer. [I have a WC and I was afk even at lvl 40 because the DA in my party was HAPPY killing mobs with my buffs. It is just easier when someone gives you p. atk]
4) There are many clans who would enjoy an active buffer especially a WC. 
5) It is not difficult to find a group or a clan. At all!

You guys turned L2 into those high rate pvp servers from old times. It became worse than a private servers where everyone used to have a box buffer.

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