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2SHAE    17
9 hours ago, LordDragnil said:

I dont know where is mistake. But they can money back you only bonus NCs.

The mistakes pretty significant on there part and im sure it will convince others to push for +5 Dragon Leather

In there event page they list "EXP/SP +10%, P./M. Def. +15%, Speed +7, P./M. Received Critical Damage -15%, All Skills Cooldown -3%." for +5 when that's the stats for the Dragon Rind Leather variant. Your not supposed to take the extra 5% exp/p.m def or p,m critical damage reduction increase until its upgraded. Its a huge increase compared to +4 and unless you were lucky enough to get the radiant upgrade stone in this bullshit rate theres no way anyone would even risk there +4 for 1 extra CHA stat and 1minute less on the skillcooldowns. Anyone with this shirt that's paid without plan to upgrade have been mis-sold and should be due considerable compensation.

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jaymee    0
18 hours ago, FoToMoTo said:

Dear Nc

Looking for explanation why after spent toons of money my dragon leather shirt +5 have diffrent stats then website shows? If its a mistake i would my money back!

Thank you!

@Juji, can you say something about it? i have the same problem and spend tons of money to get a +5 leather shirt. i also still didnt get an answere to my ticket about this issue. what will happen now regarding this?


thank you


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