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Adjust Adena, Drop and Spoil amount and chance + Gemstone R issue


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Now, when you did an Amazing job with bot removal I think is about time to return the fix you did according to Juji: "The Adena drop rate was reduced in the Lindvior update two years ago to curb RMT farming Adena." 

Because you advertise that Lineage 2 is Free to Play you really need to make it at least a little free to play. Because now it is not by any mean.

I did a spoiler to make some adena and I'm starting to regret my decision. To get 1 gemstone sometimes I must farm at least 1 hour.  If I farm with macro - well it's impossible because of the terrain and because it's really slow. So I must  waste 1 hour from my real life and my reward is - 1 or 2 if I'm extremely lucky gem R? This is a complete JOKE. And it's not only for gemstone - you can get ear, ewr, bear etc. from spoil too but the chance is ridiculously low (~0.0001 or I've seen 0.00001..). Saying that - I've never get anything from that from spoil..

It's not fair and right every player to suffer because of the RMT. 

Another problem -  it is more than half year Aden, Rune and Giran are Dark because of the biggest RMT - DH. The only way you can buy a Gemstones from the game is from mammon who happens to appear only in these 3 towns. If town is light the price is 1.2kk if dark - 1.5kk per Gem R. When some of these towns is not Dark the price of Gemstones on the markets can be 1kk - 1.1kk / gemstone. Now because of this the price is above 1.4kk all the time. It's impossible for normal players to make their weapon SAs .(r99 second SA need more than 5300 gemstone R grade..). Suggestion: make 1 of those 3 towns always to be light OR make possible to buy Gemstones for 1.2kk from the shops in light towns. OR increase significantly the chance for DROP AND SPOIL.

We also miss free events. The last time we had event in Fantasy island was 2 or 3 years ago.

Make Lineage II interesting for playing again!

Thank you for your time.

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I don't know how this suggestion box works really. Is anyone from the GMs reading this section at all? Are my suggestions going to be present to the attention of somebody who can actually do something about the problems in game we observe? 

I don't see any GM to answer ever here...

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On 2/25/2018 at 4:25 PM, WoZhouWei said:

So basicly you suggestion here is to set aside the whole castle wars, pvp and other core game mechanics and just make them useless.

Did i get that right?

Basically you are wrong. You get one word from what I said and make your conclusion based on it.

There are a lot of options for Gemstones problem like I said. The most reasonable for me will be to fix the drop rate and chance for spoil of them. Spoilers will not be the most useless class like that. The rest of the Gemstones are available in every town. Why not gem R? 

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