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Hey man, I think I gave you my spot last night in Ant nest. I’ve been farming that spot for the past week and have made about 2 million adena gross (not counting mats, but including a full drop). I only have a warcryer box, but he costs no adena to use. I’ve been spending money on haste pots, antidotes from the shop (not greater antidotes) and SSD. I also used VR stews that I fished. As a tyrant I still come out ahead. I would give it a shot. I stopped hunting there since they’re all light blue (at 42). It’s such a great spot because the warrior captains were dropping 400-600 adena. I also got a full drop from them which sold for 950k.

I won’t publically say the spot in case you want to hunt there. It’s definitely great for a strong DD with some support. I am going to try out AI next. Hopefully it will be good, if not I’ll try looking elsewhere.

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