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Keucereus base defense bug

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Thingor    10

This is the 2 week that we cant defend the base, first time we think was because server restart and we dont have ppl to defend it, but the true reason was because players are destroying the defense towers, there was lots of pts defending it this time and yet like 8 min after it start it fail, peaple see one guy destrying defense towers, Rivendale his name, ncsoft need to make that towers unabe to be target/destroyed by players, reset the instance, investigate all the peaple who use that bug to harm the entire server and punish them.

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Anything    15

@Hime @Juji Is it intended that one player can mess up an entire server by on purpose sabotaging and blocking off the entire keucereus alliance base preventing people with exalted from proceeding, taking away inner and outer, taking away every single normal and epic raid (tauti, istina, ekimus, tiat) removing seed of annihilation / seed of destruction / hellfire entirely from the game?

Very few complain in official channels it seems but we already don't have for over a month now and if this keeps up we probably will never have any content from gracia with inability to finish exalted.
Any response would be greatly appreciated and it would be great if this could be addressed finally.

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