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Where should I level at 26?

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Hello all,

Could anyone let me know where should I level at 26 please? I am a cleric

I have been doing Abandon camp party so far but xp is kinda slow now compare to previous level.

I have to solo execution ground, which is not so bad but I always find myself running out of xp every 5 or 6 mobs.

Please let me know where I should party or solo


Thank you

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as PP you should be able to find a party although its not the easiest class at those levels to find one... with PP you can role BOW/Dagger also to level up... maybe you waste less mana healing yourself up, and you recover HP really fast when you sit down...

So you could kill undeads with your spell... and when you almost have no mana assume the fighter position, and kill the mob with basic atacks ( carrying a decent weapon ) until you get low HP... then sit recover HP and keep fighting... when you are full mana again, go kill undeads and repeat this process ;)

maybe this will make you last longer leveling. try to combine that with monster weakness


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If you intend soloing, then either RoA (if your gear is really bad) or EG (NORTHern entrance!). Otherwise, it's up to your CP or whatever in partymatching.

The main problem with Cleric at low levels is the mana regen (you can box a recharger, but that's another story). Thanks to classic mechanics, only M.Acc. and target's M.Evasion matter when deciding whether a monster will 'resist' (evade) a damaging type spell (don't take my word for it - this was one of the things lab-tested by Innova GMs and it is exactly what I see while levelling in EG). In other words, you can use Wind Strike as your primary nuke, as long as you have the M. Atk. to compensate for lower skill power. Wind Strike is also useful due to higher cast range (useful against clustered aggro mobs) and lower MP cost.

I wouldn't go the bow route due to extremely low attack speed and accuracy that the cleric has. Moreover, bows require arrows AND mana to fire and they also decrease your casting speed. Personally, I'd also say wait until level 40 before using physical attacks, but it's up to you and may depend on party composition (much safer with a designated tank).

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11 minutes ago, existenz said:

i would suggest not to have main as PP. 

Level up a damage dealer together with your pp.

lots of people have PP as box... find another class that you like and level them up together.


get lvl 40 and go bishop, no one wants an active pp, is just so useless.

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