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hi, the most wanted classes are tank main dual class iss. especially paladin/eva templar for tank, and iss hierofant, warcryer or sws, depend of the party setup. especially for tanks, its almost impossible to find a good one. sad :(

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:D need to tell that there are not many ppl in low level area so taking tank on journey from lvl 0 could be let's say challenging. I do recommend to take main to exp fast to 85. then make dual classes one of that something what you are able to exp solo. Make it 99 (or both main and dual 99) and then use red libra event to switch dual to tank. That would i do if i want to play tank but have lvl 1 char.

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With Salvation Update... Academies were eliminated, and the Primary source of CRP(to level the Clan) is Quests that can only be done by Awakened(85+) Characters. Most clans will probably not have a spot for any Character non-Awakened... take him up on his offer

16 hours ago, FoToMoTo said:

Good choice :) you are welcome to join our ally pve clan Warlords, if you interested pm N4zgul for invite.

mid Clans prolly need 95+ and most TOP clans 102/103(with EXPENSIVE SHINY EQUIPMENT) As a Support Character(Tank/Healer/ISS), you may have HOPE of joining a Clan when you have Awakened... until then just look for A Mentor.

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