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23 hours ago, Spoiler123654 said:

So i did test some areas and here are the results (i am Vip 2 so add +20% chance):

Killed 250 Nos with party at aligator island, spoiled 2 sage rags fragments (l2wiki chance 7.706% — 9.428%). Didnt spoil any Scythe Edges (1.895% — 2.317%) But maybe that was just bad luck. Materials drop at same rate i think.

Killed 100 excuro at cruma tower with party spoiled 0 Recipe: karmian gloves (l2wiki chance 40.37% — 44.55%).

Killed 100+ Breka Orc Warrior spoiled 5 leather (l2wiki chance 17.62% — 21.46%).

Killed 30-40 Undin Rowin at forgotten temple spoiled 0 recipes Elven Mithril Gloves (l2wiki chance 23.11% — 28.47%).

Killed 15 Death fires at forgotten temple spoiled 0 dwarven trident edges (l2 wiki chance 32.30% — 39.20% * This mob spawns rarely at random locations, you may be lucky if find one per 1h if lots of people farming in FT).

Killed around 900-1000+ mobs in total in Forgotten temple rooms spoiled maybe 70% of them, I got 4 mace of judgment head from patin archers + 10-11 orichalcum and nothing from others. No full drop, some rare mats and 0 spoils. I spent 3 days in that place.

Killed 40-50 Lord of the Plains in plains of the lizardmen got 0 brigantine Tempers (l2wiki chance 8.788% — 10.752%) But maybe that was just bad luck.

95% of mobs give only one material on spoil like Noble Ant Captain that gives 1 thread every time (l2wiki says: 1-13 thread).

Some mobs give 1-3 but its rare.

Adena/drops are wrong as well as i saw in some areas but didnt test any like i did on spoils. Many people report this as well.

This only (or mostly) happends at 30+ areas, and i can see that top d armor/weapon recipes and parts are rare (the ones that shops dont sell). Also gathering mats is slow.

Important: I cant farm anything anymore i have max 100k each day and i waste lots of adena on vamp scrolls/haste pots + my buffer all time no mana because of heals BECAUSE HIGH LEVEL MOBS NEED PROPER GEAR. Not moon armor till 50 lvl. And i want play my main not create lvl 20 chars to farm low d drops/mats and sell crystals.

Will you do anything GMs or should i make a request for refund?

I can confirm that Death FIre spoil is NOT 32%. i have spent 3 days ther only farming those (For the dwarven edges). we set up chars sitting in each corner of the fire side of FT with a full party, and we put a 10 minute alarm to start targeting the monster. (aprox. respawn time), we have killed at least 25 each day, we only got 4. 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you belive it? lol, 1 of my friends left the server to play a private one.... we thought we could get enough to craft 3 poles to keep up with the leveling, we still cant.

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We saw the same issue today in Cruma. We were spoiling the kratos/portas etc. and we never had more than 1 silver nugget from spoil. (l2 wiki shows 1-7 so even knowing the rates here are lower it should still be at least 1-3)

Also the adena rates there were always in the low margin of the variable. Sometimes it was even lower than the stated in the l2wiki. I know l2wiki is not for this server but come on... you have to be blind to deny that drop/spoil rates in high rate mobs are bad as well....

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