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Support is lying about ban on bots. Where should I report then?


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@Amraith Why you deleted my post? People have the right to know and check that support is lying so they won't waster their time making tickets. You can give me perma ban because I won't stop until I'll feel that enough of people have seen it. I have nowhere to report cheaters now, you don't care but I do care and people who also care will have a reason to quit now as for some the main reason of staying here was waiting for news about new system against bots.

The evidence support is lying https://imgur.com/AKPuy93
Message me for nick names to check that bots are still online.
I'm not violating any rights by putting support response.

Or maybe @Amraith you could lead me where can I get help in banning bots if support is telling lies instead of really banning them? Why do you ban me without guiding me to the right place before doing that? As support didn't ban any of them. 
Email: https://imgur.com/AKPuy93

Pm me here for nick names of bots and screens about reports so you can check it yourself.

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Hi Barrel,

The forums are not the appropriate place for these reports. If you would like to report a player for any inappropriate behavior, you have to contact Customer Support and they will be able to investigate the issue for you.



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