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Raids are a very fun part of the game, both because it's a way to exp/get items different than hunting mobs or questing. Requires a few group of people.


ATM raids are unkillable unless if you have like 7 partys cause otherwise it fully heals at 70% if u dont hit 300 times, also it takes forever cause of the amount of p/def/m/def they have. so they should get nerfed a bit, in 1.5 they used to be way easier than they are here. they are almost unkillable atm.


Raids back in L2 c3/c4 chronicles were way easier than this. They should go back to that. SO people raid again and start pvping for them.


imo this "raid boss ud" should be removed, so people can start killing them. even if it takes 1h.

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Raid boss is fine as they are! Yes you need many parties to kill the boss that is the purpose.So you can interact and communicate with many people...My ally is doing raid bosses every day and its fine and great...I hope they don't change that.

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