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Obtain VIP from outside the game / Online L2 Web Store / Temporal VIP Status


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Hello NCSoft Team,

There should be a way to become VIP from outside the game, a way could be putting the L2 Store Online on the Web Site. Someone that will be pay to have the privilege to access the server instead of wait a queue of 1500 players, should wait that time to be able to access, it doesn't worth that you should wait that number of people... Maybe the player can not wait that amount of time, and when he come again in another moment, oh now the queue is from 700 players... And he's gone again and again...

So this is why I suggest to implement a way to become VIP Player from outside the game, it would be really helpfull for those that are starting VIP on congestioned times.

Another way I think is to give the players who have purchased NCoin a VIP status to the account until the first login, so they will be able to access the first time, and after login if they don't spent the minimun 80 NCoin will lose the VIP tier.

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