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Good Afternoon (Using Google Translate)

As we all know, NCsoft West has never been effective in combating the use of third-party programs, that is, players who made use of it, but preferred to lessen the adena's fall, to try to curb the programs, or users who use the programs. themselves. With this, dominant clans emerged, which nowadays dominate the servants they belong to, but Chronos and Naia, from what I've been reading, do not suffer as much from it.The same Freiya, is the server that today, is dominated by only one clan, they manage to make all the dragons, they dominate all the castles, by what I knew and I realized, the clan that wants the castle, has to give what the castle yields to them, and so on, and this limits other clans from growing and evolving. With that, the server is slowly dying, for the clan dominate, Max, this does not affect so much, they are already well equipped, and with that they get everything they want on the server. Changes:


1 - Dragons: I think it's time to change the game system to have access to the dragons, the dragons should turn into instances zone like Tiat, and etc, where all the clan could have access to them. As it is today, it will continue like this, everything for a single clan, only one clan having access to everything and this damaging the progress of the game. Even if the time to access is monthly, once a month, that is, if a player defeated the dragon, it will be 1 month without being able to do, for example.

2 - COC: When we enter COC, the clothes change, our name is modified and everything else, in my humble opinion, when we enter COC, everyone should be on the same level, not of lvl, but of equipment, I think only Olympiads, should continue as it is, but COC does not. COC the player who has boss jewels, set ++++, would have his bonuses suppressed, the set if it was +10, would have defense of +4, everyone on the same level, the boss jewels would lose the effect, would only give more to M.Defesa, and so on, the encoded weapons ++++, would give the effect as if they were +4 and so on.


In short, the game is getting too bad, Freiya has been losing players due to the dominate clan from here being greedy, since the guys already have mastery of everything, it defines the value of the threads, it's time for Lineage 2 to make a reformulation, and my opinion, hero should not participate in COC, he could not sign up. Well, I think that this game does not have more players precisely because of the disparity created at the time that where some players used third-party programs that were prohibited, which became super equipped, and today dominates everything. The newbies will not be able to reach their level, and this discourages the new players and attract new players.


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