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Now you are censoring words in the forum?

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Have you no shame NCwest?? Not even a grain of decency? Now you cant even write the word don.ator without being automatically changed to spender without your consent. You have gone that far to "protect" the people who pays to win? I have played a lot of games  online and offline in more than 15 years and this is by far the worst company i have come to know.

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But..they're not don.ating.  Thats a dirty illegal server term.  They're paying customers, I'm a paying customer along with many others.  I'm a streamer as well I can't call it the D word either. Anything someone sends me in a cash amount is a tip.  So i can see why they did it, they're probably sick of seeing it because it's got a totally different meaning attached to it.

edit: pri.vate server gets changed to illegal server, i'm amused.  What have you guys done to this poor company over the years!?

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