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Newbie advice - Salvation


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While doing the Quests for Class Change you will be given Soul Shots/Blessed Spiritshots for your NEXT Class/Grade... save them until you NEED them(@ Level 15-16 start using no-grade shots/@ Level 35-36 start using D-grade shots/@ Level 56 -57 start using C-grade shots/@ Level 73+ start using A-grade shots/@ Level 83+ start using S-grade shots) With Paulina's Weapon and Armor you DON'T Really NEED to use Shots until you are approaching the next set of equipment(the Weapons ALL have 2 SAs and the Armors have 2-3 beneficial effects with NO detrimental trade-off like Crafted/Tradeable Armors would have) DON'T destroy your Dynasty Gear(keep it in Warehouse just in-case you might need it later) and DON'T Open your R-grade(30-day) equipment, save it for mid-90 levels at least(Paulina's Dynasty is BETTER than Diploma Gear)



https://l2wiki.com/The_Stolen_Seed A-grade for non-Ertheia Characters / https://l2wiki.com/The_Broken_Device A-grade for Ertheia Characters 



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54 minutes ago, WalrusDude34 said:

There no B Grade Gear to use like for D and C Class?

No, but the Paulina's C-grade is better than standard B-grade(unless it's ++OE Masterwork Weapon/Armor) it is more than adequate to get you to the A-grade quest... some people who leveled beyond that quest on a Raid, even managed to make 76 with the C-grade(wouldn't recommend it for most classes thou).

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