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If I buy 5000 soulshots I spent 750,000 adena. this is simply amazing.
 makes it impossible for the player to buy to give assistance of force to the pet.
 and it's not like the dwarf do craft. then I ask you to evaluate if this correct this price of 150 adena per unit.
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When you get 2nd proff for your summoner, you will be able to summon them much cheaper.

But the main point is why they are so expensive, is that if they would be cheaper, it would get out of hand. The summoners hitting in the rate of I don't even know, a lot of dmg. 

They already deal enough without shots up to lvl 40, so just imagine if the shots would be cheaper. It's supposed to be like this, there's a reason behind why the bss are so expensive. Sorry to say but you pretty much threw away a lot of adena, where you could've invested them in a 2h magic blunt and some BSSD's. Your pet is a HELPER up to 40, and even past 40 you'll rely on your spells. 


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