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Hello all im thinking to start and play duelist need a bit of info

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Hello how are you all? i'm going to start here and i want a honest advice on how duelist in hanging on and what's his current state, can i do pvp and pve with him? 

thank you all in advance and please dont reply on this post by saying dont come here to play and bla bla bla!

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In Oly, CoC or 1vs1 you can PVP. I have a box Duelist, lvl 99, and with normal heavy r99 and s80 duals +4 300 I can manage to kill some folks in Oly.

But if you want to do some real PVP, then probably the choice would be to go for Yul, Othell, Feoh. As much I know, they are the big PVP guns.

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Duelist aka Gladiator has been always a very rare class, rly interesting. If well equipped and well played ofc it will be strong In PVE and PVP, but you should know, the class seems to be more gear dependent. that means you will have to spend more money on gear to be on par with other classes.

At this very moment  Tyrr Titan is easiest, because with descent gear you can find party basically every time you look for it.

have fun mate! 


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