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Old legacy.lineage2.com website info back.

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Do you guys know what we need? remember the old lineage2.com website? after Goddess of Destruction that old website was hosted as legacy.lineage2.com and ok at the time was almost worthless, but at the time and back when it was the game´s webpage it has well documented information, the recipes and all the collapse menus for crafting, I used to verify all I need to craft something in those sections of the website, we need that, we need like other sites like external pmfun, l2 calculator, etc all good ways to find information, that I cant remember properly and to play in Classic we need.


Also if this is 1.5 why do we have primeval island, goddard and other zones in the map and also we can visite them? they have no mobs, but at the time of prelude and C1 there was only orc and dwarf villages up north of the map, later on C4 goddard territories, then C5 Rune and such, the primeval island eas interlude. that confuse me a little.


But back in topic we need all the information of the Legacy website back.


What are you opinions?

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About Legacy website a big YES

About the new zones, they already said (a million times) that the map is full, but with no mobs until that zone is released on an update, think if they have to erase zones from the map and then add them in a future update? it's insane...

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