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Updated Spoil tests IM DONE

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13 hours ago, Mooks said:

Well I started playing in 2003 and a dwarf was one of my main characters. I still have graphs from then on percentages of spoiling and how rates are affected based on what the npcs can spoil. The rates are not much different now to what they were then. perhaps 5-10% change and that's being generous.

Started in 2003 and then you woke up or what? If you still have graphs why didn't you post them? People already posted proof that we had increased rates back then. Besides, from 2005 the game changed a lot.

13 hours ago, Mooks said:

Perhaps your fighting monsters well beyond your level or perhaps you are well beyond their level. Maybe you haven't leveled up your spoiling skill and lastly did you by chance go Artisan instead of Scavenger?

HAHA! Are you for real?

13 hours ago, Shakedown said:

....but you could play it in 2003.

Only if you had a KSSN, aka being Korean.

12 hours ago, TheGardener said:

Lineage 2 classic WIKI FROM EU version, dont represent correct drop/spoil % for classic NA or KR

Strange since KR seems to have similar drop with EU and not similar to NA.

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