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Classic Unscheduled Server Maintenance: Monday, October 29, 2018


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9 minutes ago, arpul said:

Quit please. Stop crying about your VIP giving you a boost to log in. Everyone should be able to log in. Not only VIP nerds.

Nerds, good to see better queue for paying ppl then free players, its normal its how world works...

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Just now, SirJohnNathan said:

SIMPLE , if is true that you guys are free playing game , make 2 servers one with people that dont have VIP and another one with the people that pay the VIP  , that way US the VIP player can play with no freaking problems and for sure we wont have that much issue with adena sellers and bots  and all that trash we are having 

and make free transfer for free players psooble! plus possible adena fix is to reduce soulshots costs by maybe half. easy solution imo

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Hi everybody:

Please @Juji @Hime @Congueroand all the moderation team: @Amraith @Aurinya @PhoenixMitra @Onirique

We appreciate the effort you make but both me and others we think that if you want that this server will be the same that the past, is absolutely necessary that take measures against and ban the bots, because this will be destroy all the economy of the game if it continues.

On other hand, people are getting desperate with queues, I'm Vip 2 and it doesn't care because you have to be waiting every day, 30 minutes, 1hour or more to enter at server, this doesn't give the main l2 ideas and the image that you want to give.

We only ask that this be fixed as soon as possible, because we want enjoy to the game and play without problems, If you want to make a great server please fix it, I like l2 and the idea of playing again but I think we're all crying out for this, please listen to us.

Thanks for everything and I hope you take this explanation as a constructive since I care about the future of the server.

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1 minute ago, SaVagE said:

U can listen spotify free but u have comercials, so its best free app for music, but vip (subs) got better quality and no comercials, like better queue on l2 ncsoft, am i wrong?

I listen to it for free with no commercials. So yah bad example. 

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40 minutes ago, Hime said:


  • Fixed an issue where the Lingering Halloween buff items were not deleted correctly upon use.

Why don't you nerf Spider quest from 3.2k to 1k too? That's how it's supposed to be!
Take away from the players every single way of making adena/progress,cause why not?


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Pfff so many "spit in yo soup" poor waiters around who think "omg i have to play free, VIP should have queue too".

My 2 cents? Just make 400% adena/drop/spoil for VIP 4, let those who want hardcore and not pay a dime have at it.

As i am free to accept bullcrap in your opinion, you should be free to have a harder time if you want.

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32 minutes ago, Micke said:

The game was hardcore in Open Beta all the way to the destruction of l2 classes, that's where it died.

Just make the game as it was, and i'll play it until i die.


Lots of stuff you need to update now, backstab not landing in back, stuns not breaking on hit, root landing 90% of time with NG weapon on geared people with mental shield and many more things.


I hope you will jump up to a better more balanced state of the game. I have my hopes


/Micke from Sieghardt  :x

welcome to classic, this wont be changed. and stun does break when you attack (it has a chance to break)

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25 minutes ago, FatHips said:

@Hime lets see VIP rates boosted so that more people will support the server and your salary/benefits :-)  Start with VIP affecting adena/spoil rate rather than just drop rates, go with 50% and see how that goes.  If not enough people buy VIP then increase that 50% to 70% or 100% or whatever %.  Keep increasing it until enough people pay for the server upkeep.  There should be no need to exceed normal (Skelth) rates, right now we are far under them.  Do this to avoid adding items to the L2 store.  We do not want that!  

Only adjusting one of them also creates economic imbalance within the game.  Adjust adena/spoil/drop rates precisely the same, either universally or VIP.

From a business perspective, free play should always push players towards becoming paying customers, if free play is sustainable indefinitely people will not push themselves to become your paying customers and will be net liabilities to you.

We don't want you guys to have to boost the L2store with game breaking items.


Do you understand that what you asking isnt support, but endorsement of predatory pratices?

The KR devs dont really care about us, we (western audience) are the left over... their real target are the KR players. The only ones here they care are the whale's wallets.

Are you sure that they need to push to pay? Cause DE dont do that with warframe and a lot of people buy plat to support DE. I myself do that all the time... i have  17k+ plat, and i just buy cosmetics once in a while. what you asking wont make people pay, will only make them leave and the whales will stay.

I will always buy currency/support a company that respect the player base, what NCsoft does not in a long time. I played L2 for 5 years and Aion for 3 years, have always (some times not so) gladly pay both.


I really wish they could see that a happy costumer will buy even if they dont need, but the eastern mentality is completely diferent from the western one. 


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1 hour ago, ShadeyFFS said:

honestly dude, don't play (always wanted to say that) if it's not hardcore enough for you.

Been here since 2007 so I have no plans to do so. I am trying to show my displeasure as a playing customer with stating the facts.

While you are just trying to be an irritant.

Have a good day scrub.

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