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Actually we are playing lineage 2 classisc 2 persons in the same ip with 2 diferents computers. There are restriccion of acount loggeds? is that restriccion for computers or ips? Can i play with two characters and my housband two at time?


Thank u and sorry for my poor english.

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usually you can use 3 accounts per IP. in your place, if you guys have the same ISP ( internet provider ) then on the exterior you will have the same IP. So in your place 3 accounts are allowed. But maybe you can open a ticket explaining that your husband would also like to play l2

please someone correct me if I am wrong


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1 minute ago, VincentColpa said:

lol are you guys serious? If I have 3 pc's at home can I have a full PT logged in? lol

yeah good luck playing it, it's far more difficult than playing 9 on one pc.  Take it from someone with experience on both.

I use to play 6-7 accounts every time I was logged into L2.  Now I play 4 max due to that change.  It had a large effect.  I will expand to six but no more.

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