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Tenacious looking for Like Minded Clans


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Hey guys, LoanWolf of Tenacious here.  Some of you guys may know me from other mmorpgs weve played together in the last decade or so of gaming. Im looking to open up the communication with other clan leaders that may be interested in working together. For anyone who doesn’t know about Tenacious we are a multi-chapter gaming community.  Our main chapters have been in Tera, Aion, GW2, FFXIV, WoW, BDO, AA, Bless, Skyforge, RO, Wildstar, EQ.  We did not have a chapter in L2 and while most of our leadership is experienced with L2 and very experienced in guild management we do not have the experience of leading an L2 guild or alliance specifically.  Because of who we are, its not worth our time or effort to risk our reputation across multiple chapters in scamming, cheating, or just bming other players as it would just catch up to us elsewhere.  I stress this to state that because of our reputation being on the line we will be vetting every guild that is added.  Trolls will happen but we will do our best to police and monitor (a little bit better then NCSoft with bots)

A few things that we are interested in being involved in would include:

-PvP Scrims

-Level 30+ Raids

-Grind Groups

-Advice and mentorship

-War Decs 

-Trade and Crafting

If this is something you are interested in or think it would be in the best interest of your clan please reach out to me privately on this forum.  We will only be adding a few guilds in at a time so please be patient while we try to vet us much as we can.  Guilds will be removed should there conduct be a detriment toward the other guilds involved.  

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