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Adena spammers rampant


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I started classic and was in the game for 2 days before i was banned by a "caught in our regular account security review." 
I was unbanned after my long weekend. then banned again for the same nonsensical reason 1 day later. 
These bans prevented me from creating new accounts so I was completely unable to start playing the game for the first 2 weeks putting me completely behind the curve.
I did nothing do deserve these bans and they happened without the servers even going down. 
I was not compensated in ANY way shape or form for having the 2 most important weekends in the game ruined for no reason at all.

Now that we have established that it is possible to ban paying players for groundless reasons, how about doing something about players that are deserving of bans.






Images with adena site names removed so the mods do not delete my post without reading again. contained EXTREMELY PUBLICALLY KNOWN SPAM WEBSITES THAT DO NOT SHUT UP

I could send the names in support tickets but that is pointless as they will be replaced in less than a day. this post's purpose is a solution for permanent spammer removal.

These spammers were all found in less than 10 minutes on Talking Island server. Some of these spammers last over 3 days before you do anything.

You have a system in place for players to "block adena spammers" Why does this not feedback a number to your staff to auto ban them after say 20 unaffiliated characters block a target?
You could impose known penalties to anybody that abuses the system to attack unrelated players. IE dont abuse this or you will be banned yourself.

It does not feel good to be a paying customer and treated with less respect than people straight up stealing money from NCsoft

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