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Disconnect while in BUY / SELL or fishing mode.


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Hi everyone,
Im getting dc from server everytime i go afk  BUY/SELL shop or fishing. I get disconnect within an hour soo. But if i leave my toon just AFK somewhere standing doing nothing in town or outside town i can stand in a fealds for days and i wont get disconnected, but as soon as i start BUY/Sell  or use my fishing rod i get disconnected.
Does anyone else expierence this problem or have a solution for it ?

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23 hours ago, Trombozoid said:

VIP 0 issues? Everyone would say that you just have to pay $5 


ive got vip 4



17 hours ago, Alure said:

Are u using wtfast¿?¿


Well im from EU soo i dont need wtfast or any other programs to log on .

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