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Enchanted Valley and other areas rate problem


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I guess many of you noticed the adena rate is really messed up. I already made a ticket about it but I feel like I wanna discuss it at forum as well.
How is it possible in Ant Nest to get 180-300 adena per mob in x1 HP mobs (31 lvl) and in EV to get 160-370 adena per mob in x3 HP mobs (52-53-54 lvls)?? However, we farmed like 7 hours non-stop and we got 0 weapon parts material, that's fine, let's say we're unlucky! We've tried even to spoil these Thons, while wiki says has 40-47% chance per mob, we kill more than 20 mobs in train and sometimes, whole train got zero blue mobs, which should be 1/2, let's say 1/3. You added all these new stuff for 1.5 patch, EXP scrolls, daily EXP scrolls etc but people cannot make farm in areas like EV except if, allow me, pay in black market to buy stuff, which we don't so we have low D weapons in 47 lvl and 1 top D as 9 people party.

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