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Lear all skills sooner or later.

Priorise those for your main weapon wich it shold be a 2h sword (bc of the new atk speed toogle) or a 2h blunt to be able to use all your skills and also take advantage from blunt weakeness on a large variety of mobs. You should have all the necesary weapons: a 2h sword, an adicional 1h blunt to land stuns and also a spear for aoe parties/solo trains.  About armor you'll be ussing the Moon Armor for a while. After that you should aim the TOP C heavy set (Full Plated) or the TOP C light set (Plated armor +4str-1con). Then obviously Blue Wolf and the best weapon you can afford. Dyes +str and some nice jewels.

Thats it pretty much. Im rolling same char 37 atm

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2 Hand Sword vs 2 Hand Blunt.

- 2 Hand Sword has higher crit rate, coupled with death whisper is significant.  (Most dont have DW right now)

-2 Hand Blunt gives option to use stun skill.  This does significantly more damage than the 2 H Sword skill, and stuns mobs for up to 7 secs.

If you are playing with boxes the Blunt may be better for you.

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