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VincentColpa    27


45 minutes ago, Lawman said:

Respectfully, you've needlessly complicated things.  I'm not interested in event items, at least for this table.  Classic doesn't have fortune pockets, so that is not an issue.  You don't need to explain how the rates are calculated (though that would be nice).  And I'm interested only in base rates, without modification from VIP, scrolls or whatever.  Just calculate and print the rates (and save them to a file). 

I programmed computers back when they filled whole special air conditioned rooms.  I could have written a program to extract such information in 2 hours tops from any system on our computers, if I knew the necessary formulas.  I can't imagine that such things have become harder over the years.

You are right that the calculations can be complex, but anyone who knows them (and the folks on the development team better know them!) can replicate them and produce a flat file and printed report in very little time. The ability to obtain such information is not in doubt.  NCWest's willingness to share such information is another matter completely.

P.S.  I feel sorry for @Juji and @Hime.  I'm guessing their bosses limit the amount of information they can share with us.  @Juji, in particular, was always my favorite CM, because he talked with us and readily shared information.  Now he is either too busy with his expanded duties or limited by his bosses, because he doesn't communicate nearly as much as he used to.

sorry, but I must say, they don't have the info because they don't want. because if you go to change something in the game system ( drops/spoils ) that changes have to be saved somewhere ( table backup before the change, logs, , history table, etc ). I doubt that they changed they're based files without applying a "formula" to update the drop rates.

So they have surely this info and is not hard to get, a company with minimum conduct would save always this kind of changes

maybe that is something that would make them have some kind of work and they don't bleeping care about giving us that info... 

but its okay because some years ago we didn't have this kind of DB... but people got used to a kind of drops in certain monsters, and if you change those drops you need to inform us how that drops changed to see if its really worth to spend 10 hours in a place or 100 hours. That is why we needed this kind of info.

And also because drops/spoils are not changed EQUALLY in all monsters ( even with same HP multipliers ) and maybe that is a reason for them not wanting to reveal that information. Maybe some monsters from taken areas of people VIP 4 dropping large amounts of $$ have the drops higher than "standard" areas 

but its okay, we guess by ourselves, we spend 100 hours farming in 1 place not bleeping knowing the % of drops


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Lawman    147
2 hours ago, Krissa said:

Some people say that Prima got exclusive rights to publish this information and NCsoft is simply not legally allowed to do it on their own.

Anyway, Prima Guide information about drops/spoil was inaccurate.

True, it wasn't perfect and it was quickly out of date as things changed.  But it was pretty close to my own experience when it came to drops/spoils/adena.  Not perfectly accurate, but close enough to be useful. Thanks for responding.

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Azure    14
On 02/11/2018 at 10:02 AM, VincentColpa said:

Maybe some monsters from taken areas of people VIP 4 dropping large amounts of $$ have the drops higher than "standard" areas 

Oh man, tell that to my VIP4 then...3 boxes, all VIP4...only 1 amulet in SoS over the course of.....5-6 days?  I know we've been fortunate with other drops but what we really wanted just isn't happening.  5-6 days in SoS and all I got was 1` amulet and a stupid flamberge.

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OaZeO    0

Create an application, for smartphone and sell with account linked to ncsoft, put quest, drop, npc, maps, skil classes etc.

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