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Site log in issues!


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Greetings @Hime and @Juji

 After your last update of the 24th of October (date that some people noticed the issue) some of my clannies complain about the fact that they can't access their accounts in website while they can access the character in game with no problems. This does not make any sense. Why someone can access, play the game nomrally and meanwhile he cannot have access to the website, where he can buy NCoins, manage account etc ? Worth noting that a big amount of players, at least in Greece where we play from, happen to play from Internet Cafes or gaming houses, places that dont usually have a large range of ips as well as the players who use these places for their game cannot know who else is using these public computers and exactly what each one can do. In any case my clannies have submitted tickets but they didn't get any response. To this point i also have to mention that a clanmate had his alt account banned for suspicious blah blah, exactly after he created the account. He didn't reach the point to create a character. Any further information of the accounts or any other info, at your service. Thanks.

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